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Security Systems


IP Camera Systems

IP cameras are digital end to end, and use progressive scanning to make full use of camera imagers - providing up to 25% more resolution than analog cameras with similar imagers. IP is also available with Megapixel cameras, delivering super-high resolution images with 30 frames per second of real-time video.

TVI Camera Systems

HD-TVI means no IP-networking required! HD-TVI installs much the same way as typical analog CCTV cameras or analog video security systems. There is no complex network infrastructure, so your installation time is cut in half when compared to installing an IP video 

security system.HD-TVI transmits HD video up to 1600 feet. Simply by using RG59 cabling you will receive three times the distance of standard IP camera systems. HD-TVI allows for great transmission distances over any cable quality or coax. HD-TVI is the the perfect solution for those complicated long wire runs.

DSC Security systems

As the most comprehensive hybrid system available in the market today, PowerSeries Neo offers flexible scalability and a number of expansion opportunities.  A variety of control panels, a wide range of compatible PowerG- enabled wireless devices and a complete line of expansion modules protecting the investment and ensure growth in the future.

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